Relational Somatic Psychotherapy in Portland, OR and Oakland, CA

Miranda York, OR LMFT T1469, CA LMFT 100415

Recent neuroscience confirms that we are all hard wired to heal and transform, given the right conditions. Together, we will work to honor this potential in order to release the natural capacity for healing within your body, mind, and spirit. Rather than trying to find something that is wrong with you, I respect the ways in which you may have adapted to survive and cope with difficult circumstances in the past. My practice is somatic and relational, and I specialize in working with people who’ve experienced emotional, sexual, and physical trauma. I work with adult individuals, couples, and adolescents. I offer sessions in person in Portland, OR throughout the week and once a month on the weekends in Oakland, CA. I also offer online therapy.

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 In working with COUPLES and RELATIONSHIPS:


Intimate relationships can bring up some of our deepest pain.  While this may be very challenging, it can also give us a wonderful opportunity to heal and bring awareness to that which we have unconsciously learned in our families of origin. Through this awareness, we can then transform these old patterns that may be emerging in the present.  A new freedom to give and receive love and experience joy together can be attained.

The following are some common issues I have worked with:

  • transforming hot and cold conflict into peace and connection

  • reigniting a mutually satisfying sex life between partners and resolving issues around sex and sexuality

  • negotiating differences around sex drive

  • transforming blame and avoidance into mutual understanding and empathy

  • healing wounds of past sexual abuse that emerge around sex and sexuality in relationship

  • healing from broken agreements/affairs and creating a new relationship together

  • finding connection again when connection has been lost

  • negotiating issues with open relationships and non traditional lifestyles


I primarily have trained in and utilize the Attachment based, Somatically oriented, and Neuroscience informed model of AEDP for Couples in my work with couples and relationships.  In order to feel motivated and safe to explore challenging past and present patterns, we need enough of the neurotransmitter, dopamine, to be present in the brain.  Dopamine can be induced through the felt experience of love with another. We also need a good supply of the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, in order to consolidate changes in the brain from our old templates to new, more flexible ways of relating that are filled with more joy and less conflict and disconnection.  

In order to maximize the neuroplastic potential of your brain, we might do some of the following together:

  • Use mindful awareness of your somatic (bodily) experience of giving and receiving love

  • Find the places of joy and play between you and your partner and get playful together in the therapy room

  • Feel into old relational patterns in your body and memories from the past and transform them through new experiences with your partner in the therapy room

  • Notice ways you may be unconsciously blocking the capacity to give, receive, and perceive love and shift these blocks

  • Find ways to notice states when you are "triggered" or in a trauma state with your partner and bring new resources online to better hear one another, de-escalate, and relate more effectively.

I see our work together as a collaborative process, and I always welcome your feedback and guidance about what works for you!  I am comfortable and knowledgeable in working with all types of relationships, including: polyamory, bdsm, kink, open relationships, monogamy, queer and straight relationships.

Miranda York, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #100415

Grateful Heart Holistic Therapy Center



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