Relational Somatic Psychotherapy in Portland, OR and Oakland, CA

Miranda York, OR LMFT T1469, CA LMFT 100415

Recent neuroscience confirms that we are all hard wired to heal and transform, given the right conditions. Together, we will work to honor this potential in order to release the natural capacity for healing within your body, mind, and spirit. Rather than trying to find something that is wrong with you, I respect the ways in which you may have adapted to survive and cope with difficult circumstances in the past. My practice is somatic and relational, and I specialize in working with people who’ve experienced emotional, sexual, and physical trauma. I work with adult individuals, couples, and adolescents. I offer sessions in person in Portland, OR throughout the week and once a month on the weekends in Oakland, CA. I also offer online therapy.

Grateful Heart Holistic Therapy Center

I work with most issues that one might seek therapy for, including: complex trauma, grief and loss, guilt, self esteem and self worth issues, personality disorders, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, perfectionism, gender exploration, gender dysphoria, difficulties with boundaries, compulsive need to please others, internalized oppression, exploring and transforming internalized oppressor behavior, OCD, PTSD, personal growth, academic anxiety, etc. Please call me if you are wondering if we might be a good fit, or whether I work with what you are looking for help with. You may or may not relate to the following paragraph, but a lot of people who like working with me relate to some of it. You do not have to relate to it to be able to work with me.

Perhaps you are a sensitive introvert, and feel as though the world is always too much and you are somehow out of place.  You may have excelled academically, but struggle to form long term, meaningful relationships.  You might find that you can exquisitely understand the patterns that you keep repeating, but just can't seem to shift them. You oscillate between feeling like you are the best and the worst. You may long for intimacy, but find you somehow push others away or never let them get close enough. You may experience free floating anxiety and depression with no known cause.

We will work together collaboratively and interactively to shift your symptoms beyond symptom management to profound transformation.  You might begin to notice a a subtle lift of anxiety, depression, and social anxiety.  Perhaps you’ll be able to discover anew a self you’ve always known to be true, but that may have gotten lost and suppressed in order to adapt to an ill fitting environment.  Self confidence, ease, and a connection to an internal sense of "rightness" often follow this discovery. 

While traditional psychotherapy may take years before noticing changes, I use modalities that are based in the most recent neuroscience research, designed to accelerate and solidify permanent change.  Some may notice shifts towards their goals within a few months, but most choose to stay much longer to continue a deep and profound healing process.


Some of the issues I have special training and experience in treating are the following:


  • Complex Trauma


multiple or ongoing traumas in life, such as:

abuse, neglect, family separation, witnessing of abuse or violence in one’s family or community, poverty, oppression, and/or a parent who was incarcerated, mentally ill, or addicted to alcohol or drugs


  • Pre-Verbal Trauma, or Trauma/ PTSD Symptoms with No Memory


such as: episodes of rage, unexplainable fears/terror, nightmares, difficulty in relationships, feeling “numb,” being on “autopilot,” dissociation, feelings of immobilization, fears of abandonment, excessive guilt and shame, worthlessness, self-hatred, constant sense that something bad is about to happen, self destructive impulses and behavior, difficulties with boundaries, need to control


  • Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault


  • Queer, Femme, and Trans* People


  • Teenagers and Young Adults Dealing with Life Transitions


I practice Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and AEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy) and incorporate these body-centered modalities into my work.  I have completed the Sensorimotor Level I Training for the Treatment of Trauma, and have trained extensively in AEDP.  I am in ongoing supervision and consultation for the method of relational psychoanalytic/psychodynamic psychotherapy. I am currently in Basic Training for EMDR.


Miranda York, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #100415

Grateful Heart Holistic Therapy Center



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